Hit and Run, Rosie?!

Was Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg the perpetrator of a hit-and-run collision
shortly before being stopped for DWI the night of April 12th?

Major media doen't seem to be discussing this – or even asking the question.  We'll post clues as we spot them – and you decide.

Update:  We posed a question, along with a collection of observations that prompted us to ask it.  Media responded.  [THANK YOU!]
We're now listing media stories in a box labeled Clue #6 below.  Travis County has begun providing materials (e.g. 911 audio) that our sources and contacts had previously been unsuccessful getting through open record requests.  We'll keep updating as new information unfolds.

Clue #1

[Source: Travis County /via/ KXAN] Video will start playing @ the 2:00 minute mark.  Listen carefully @ 2:23 where Lehmberg says "I didn't have a collision. They told me I had a collision and I didn't."
Keep in mind Lehmberg's BAC was measured at .239 hours after being stopped, yet she also says in this video "I'm not drunk. I wasn't drunk."

Clue #2

Travis County Sheriff's Office: Impound / Inventory Report
See page 3 here.. ]

In documenting a reckless driving stop initiated late night April 12, a Travis County Deputy noted damage on Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg's vehicle.  [Source Kerry O'Brien /via/ Open Records Request]

Which side of Lehmberg's vehicle had damage?

Based at least partially on the "FR" indicated on the impound report, it is being widely reported in the media that deputies found damage on the "front right" of Ms. Lehmberg's vehicle - with some even elaborating that it's inconsistent with the hit-and-run collider's direction of travel.

Listen to what deputies on the scene of the April 12 DWI stop had to say.

So, is it right or left?

Clue #3

[Update:  Roger Wade of Travis County Sheriffs Office says the collision victim did not report a license plate to dispatch.  However, the collision victim believes Lehmberg could be reponsible for the crash and has called for re-opening of the investigation into whether Lehmberg was involved.  See report by KVUE.]

[Update:  Hit-and-run victim post on Facebook 6/13/13 7:43a
Jeff Van Gorp:  "Media and news sources are already claiming I've made statements to them. I will make no statement until the investigation is fully concluded and my attorney and I are satisfied with the outcome."]

[Update:  Attorney Rick Reed drops allegation.  See report by KXAN.]


Below is what we at SoLongRose.com had initially noticed:

See pp. 4-5 of complete document here.]

At approximately 10:35 p.m., on Friday, April 12, 2013, a 9-1-1 operator stationed at Combined Transportation and Emergency Communications Center (CTECC) received the first of several “reckless driver” calls regarding a Lexus automobile that was traveling westbound on Ranch Road 620 North in the western part of Travis County toward the City of Lakeway. One of the callers, whose identity is currently unknown to Relator, reported that he had been driving eastbound on RR 620 in the vicinity of St. Thomas More Catholic Church, which is situated at 10205 RR 620, when his vehicle was struck by an oncoming silver-colored Lexus that was displaying Texas License Plate No. JLT 094. According to the caller, the Lexus “clipped the very tail-end quarter panel of his vehicle,” causing minor damage to his vehicle.

[Source: Criminal petition filing by Attorney Rick Reed]

Clue #4

[Source: Travis County /via/ David Griffin] Video will start playing @ the 13:35 mark. Listen through 14:40. Travis County deputies describe a hit-and-run that was called in shortly before -and in the vicinity of- Lehmberg's DWI stop.  Other markers of interest:  [16:20] A sideswipe collision is discussed, [18:08] Deputy: "I think it's a match." (referring to a damage comparison between vehicles), [19:20] Deputy: "Probably a positive match." through [27:00] - Deputy speaks with witness who pulled over behind Lehmberg, and who can place Lehmberg behind the wheel driving erratically.

Clue #5

[7:59 PM, Tuesday, June 11, 2013]   Attorney Kerry O'Brien, operator of www.facebook.com/RemoveRosemaryLehmberg, wrote:

"I just got the information sheet (first page) from a hit-and-run police report that happened about 5 minutes before, and about 2 miles north, of where Lehmberg was arrested on April 12. The location from the report matches the time and location of the next item [Clue #3 above], from a 911 call. The owner of the vehicle is Jeffrey Vangorp, a 22-year old member of the Army and Killeen resident. 

'On 4/12/2013 at around 22:40hrs I, Deputy McFall, J. #1817 responded to a dispatched call referencing a Collision Leaving the Scene located at 10200 N FM 620. No Arrest was made.'"